Monday, May 9, 2016

Motivate Mondays!

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Happy Monday! It's time to get you guys caught up ! So I have completed a week and I feel great. I went to the gym on Thursday and Friday of last week to get me back in the groove of things. Alde has really pushed me at the gym and to be honest that is what I really need. She has set me up with a gym workout routine and eating schedule. I have so much more energy so I am waking up earlier and I don't feel tired through out the day.

I have taken advantage of one of the features Alde offers with her program and had her meal prep my meals for the week. This is great since my life gets so busy sometimes and its important that I keep up with my healthy eating. 

I thought I would be dying after my first week but I honestly can't wait to work out! I haven't weighed myself yet this week to give you guys an idea of how my weight loss is going. I will weigh myself on Thursday. To me the scale is not really that important and it will not change the way I feel about my program. So I will post an update on it every so often so you have an idea. 

Week Goals- Go to the gym 3 days this week 

What's your healthy living goals for this week? 

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