Friday, April 29, 2016


Since its Friday (thank God!) I figured I would share a hilarious phenomenon that is going around the web. It's really funny and if you know me, you would know that I have an infatuation with teeth so this is prefect. This phenomenon is celebrities without teeth, yes you read that right no teeth. I figured I would share with you some of my favorites! Enjoy!

Always Brush your teeth kids!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


1. What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
I love spending time with family and friends. 
2. Where is your favorite place to shop?
3. Why do you love blogging?
I love being open with everyone who reads and sharing my knowledge on everyday life. 
4. Who inspires you the most?
My family 
5. Share your Marry, F*ck and Kill choices
No brainer on the Marry and F*ck (hi MK) kill choices there are way to many people to list :) 
6. If you were on a deserted island, name 2 things you would have to have.
MK and Lola 
7. At the end of the day, what makes you feel most accomplished?
When I get home from work and see the house MK and I both share, how much it has taken for us to accomplish everything we have. 
8. What is your dream job? 
Traveling the world, just experiencing life and living to write about it. 
9. What’s the best meal you ever ate/cooked?
wow this one is really hard for me. I am a foodie at heart so I cant answer this. Lol 
10. Would you rather lose $1000 or all your contacts? 
All my contacts, sorry peeps 
11. What was the lie you told someone?
To be honest I lie every day. It's nothing crazy but at work I am constantly telling people someone is not in when the person is really in. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Organizing Your Life

There is so much you can utilize in terms of organizing your daily life. Here are some ideas to help you get organized.

Write everything down!
Go out and get a note book that you keep with at all times or in a safe place that you can refer too. You can also use your cell phone if you like, I myself prefer the old school method of just writing it down. Write down things you need to buy, things you need to do on certain days, bills that need to be paid on certain days, appointments pretty much everything! Have a daily list and a monthly list. This will help narrow down what needs to be done right away and what has to be done on a further date.  Here are some sample list ideas you could write down.

Bill payments 
Grocery List 

Daily to do list
The key with these lists is to prepare them ahead of time. Take 5 minutes out of everyday to devote to your lists. Make sure you take a look at what needs to be done that day and  to make sure things you have completed are checked off. Once you start completing and keeping up with your lists things will just start becoming second nature. 

Declutter your office. Clean your desk make sure you have everything in folders labeled and in a file cabinet. Try to keep things you use daily on your desk. Having a clear desk will make you very productive and will make people think you got your life together (wink).
 Declutter your computer and cell phone. Delete apps and files you no longer need. Not only does having too many things on your electronics slow it down it also makes it visually look cluttered. 

Clean and organize your house. I know this is easier said then done. Tackle it room by room a day at a time so you are not over whelmed. First step is to get rid of clutter. This could be anything from donating clothes and furniture you no longer use to packing things away in labeled storage bins. This will be the hardest part, don't hold on to things that are just collecting dust. Someone out there will make great use of these things once you let go!

Now its time to declutter your life, This to me is the most important. You will not get all of these things done in a day, so make some time for yourself to get it done. Cancel engagements that you committed to that you didn't even want to attend in the first place. Don't worry what people will say or think of you. If you honestly sat down and wrote all the places and people you need to see in a month you would be surprised how thin you are stretching yourself. 

Now that you have done these things,  think about all that you do daily and make sure you have some structure. Most of the time you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Having a daily routine will calm your mind and make you more productive.

What are some of your organizing tips? 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Damn, my Parents were right!

Hey Mom and dad this ones for you! I want to share with you a few things my parents used to tell me that I didn't want to believe. Fast forward to my adult life and I am now cursing myself for not listening. Let's skip all the near death things you wanted to do that your parents were just like "hells to the no!" Let's talk about all the things that ended up being life lessons and helped mold you into the person you are today. 

When you were young and in "love" and that person no longer wanted anything to do with you!! You came running home from school and locked your self in your room and wanted nothing to with the outside world. At the time your young heart was broken. How were you going to live? Leave it to your parents to let you know that there are plenty of fish in the sea. you're not in love,way too young and to get over it! The right person is out there and you most likely won't find out till your older (much older) (hi babe!).

Now lets get on the topic of edumacation! All those days you slacked off in school, cut class and just plain gave up on it all together. You didn't know how valuable it would be. Now don't get me wrong learning how to play the recorder didn't really help me get far in life. 

Your parents just knew that all that hard work you did in school would pay off once you got older. Education in our day and age means loads of debt (just kidding, not kidding) it means you get the job and money you deserve. Mama didn't raise no fool! 

How about the infamous "you're gonna miss me when i'm gone!(not dead, God no just not around) I never knew being an adult would be so hard with out my parents (MOMMY!). I have to make my own doctors appointments, cook for myself, clean, do laundry and pay my own bills, that was the hardest transition for me.  

Now on to money, green backs, dead presidents. Remember when your parents told you to save your money for important things in life? I guess it went in one ear and out the other. You were just spending away on shoes, clothes and everything under the sun.

Then it was time to make adult decisions that required loads of cash and your bank account total was just looking back at you all confused.

Take it from me and listen to your parents kids! 

What are some lessons you learned? 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Work Work Work Work!

So today I wanted to bring some comical light to the personality types we come in contact  with everyday at work. If you haven't experienced these personalities chances are you are one of them! Enjoy! 

HAPPY HELEN-See Helen is a rare breed, she comes into work happy every day! She's humming and whistling to tunes while she gets her work done. If the office is lucky and she's in a baking mood she will even bring in baked treats. Shes the ultimate definition of team player. 

HATES THE WORLD HARRY- Harry is only at work so he can complain, complain and complain some more. He hates his job and everyone there. Don't spend more then a minute at Harry's cubicle unless you want your day to go down hill. 

BENNY THE BOSS-This is not to be confused with your actual boss. Benny is your coworker who thinks he is your boss. He thinks he could just bark out orders like he signs your check every week. 

PERFECT PATTY- She can do no wrong, nothing will ever be up to her standards. Your work is OK but it will never be Patty perfect.

PARTY ANIMAL PETE- Not only does he come in to work looking and smelling like death he always has a story about how he's still alive. He's the first person at the office holiday party at the open bar double fisting. 

BACKSTABBING BARBRA-She is having an hour long heart to heart with you then the next minute she is spilling the beans to management. Not only that, she steals your ideas and gets that raise.  

DIRTY DIANNA- Not only is her desk a mess she leaves every part of the office she uses in shambles. Coffee all over the counter in the kitchen and old moldy food in the fridge. 

GOSSIPING GLEN-He knows everything there is to know about everyone! He knows everyone's weird habits, who's getting fired, married or divorced.  

College Craig- He is working at the office over the summer as an intern. He's bright eyed and bushy tailed and has no idea what is in store for him working at your crazy office.

TMI TOM- Last but not least TMI Tom, he tells you everything under the sun with no filter. Honestly you don't even need to ask and hes already jibber jabbing about all these personal things you didn't ask to know. 

What personality type are you? What personality type annoys you?  

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Let's Cruise!

Well you guessed it! Let's talk about cruising. I'm not a cruising expert by all means but I figured I would share with you some cruising tips from a first timer! 
So MK and I went on a 6 day cruise in October 2015 to the Western Caribbean for free! Yes folks you read that right for free (kinda). 
MK and I are rewards members at a casino that we frequent ...Cough a lot cough. So we won a cruise through the casino. We were extremely happy since I was finally able to get my passport and this cruise was the topping on the cake. 
So once we got all the info on the cruise package and what was offered, I was ready to start looking. The only thing we had to pay for in terms of the cruise was the port taxes and fees, it wasn't much for 2 people and it was my birthday gift, so I lucked out since MK had to pay it. 
We decided to go in October, through the cruise line (Norwegian cruise Line) and the ship was called the Star. We were offered cruising packages through the cruise line (free style cruising) we decided on the dinning package. They also offered a drink package, and a wireless internet package. We didn't choose the drink package since winning the cruise through the casino we were given free drinks in the casino on the ship. 
The cruise line had given me the dates that were available for cruising in October, since the cruise was out of Tampa, Florida I started comparing flights and hotels to Tampa. I searched around and found which options would be good for us in terms of flight time and cost. I suggest flying out a day before your cruise just to make sure you make it to the cruise port, but by all means if you are a risk taker try your luck and pray to the cruise gods if you fly the same day and make it there on time to board. 

So after comparing I found the best and affordable dates and I called and booked the cruise, flight and hotel. We ended up having to stay an extra day after the cruise but it ended up saving us money as weird as that sounds. 
Let's fast forward to the day of the cruise we get there early to try to check in and board early, make sure you have all your boarding documents, cruise luggage tags and pass port ready.You will hand over your bags (with cruise tags on them) so they can be delivered to your room. Make sure you pack a carry bag. Your luggage will not be delivered right away to your room.You want to make sure you pack everything you will need for that afternoon (bathing suit, medications and change of clothes) even what you will wear to dinner. You will wait in line and get checked in and assigned a room on the cruise ship. After this you have to sit down and wait to board the ship. Once we were on the ship we could not wait to get this party started!
We went to our room to scope it out it was decent, we just got an inside cabin. We didn't want to shell out any extra money for a better room since we figured we wouldn't be in the room much. Our bags were not there right away so we got changed and headed to the pool area. In October  there wasn't much children on the cruise and if there was wedidn't see them much since the cruise line was good at having things scheduled for them to do most of the day. 
After the ship sailed in our situation it was the next day! It's a long story as to why it took our ship so long  to sale out, but there isn't enough time and patience to get into all that.
We started exploring the ship and what it had to offer. The casino was OK we didn't end up winning anything while we were there so we didn't spend much time there (only when we wanted free drinks). The other amenities the ship had to offer was good we experienced a comedy show, game show, night clubs,bingo and much more. The food was cafeteria buffet style. So if your one of those people that gets grossed out by people being that close to something you will eat I recommend eating at one of the specialty restaurants. 
When it comes to things to do off of the cruise ship its all about the excursions you book. Since MK and I were both cruising novice we decided to book all of our excursions through the cruise ship. The only plus with that is that they keep in constant contact with the cruise she and know when you should get there and back. The negative is that it always cost more. We only booked one excursion directly and it was great! A coworker had recommended it at it was perfect. Sometimes booking outside of the cruise line can be pretty shady so be very careful when booking. 
The places we visited were beautiful (Mexico and Honduras). 
When it comes to tipping on the ship, keep it to a minimal. The cruise line will charge you a daily charge anyway (we learned this the hard way). So only tip someone if they deserve it. 


-Bathing Suits
-Beach bag
-Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner and body wash are provided)
-Advil or Tylenol 
-Motion Sickness Medication or Bands   
-Formal Attire
-Walking Shoes,Comfortable Sandals, Water Shoes
-Mosquito Repellent
-Sweater or Light Jacket  

***Do not pack beach towels, the ship will supply it***


P.s we should be cruising in October this year!

What are your tips for cruising?