Thursday, June 16, 2016

Me Who?

Life isn't always about happiness and joy. Most of the time we are conflicted with struggles we have to deal with daily. I deal with a lot, but one of my biggest problems is putting everything before myself.  I wanted to write about this to try and help someone who is reading this and thinking, "wow I do that too!" In no way shape or form am I someone who should be giving anyone life advice.

I decided to live a healthier lifestyle in terms of working out and eating healthy, so why not try to adapt new habits when it comes to my daily life. Most of the time I am motivated by putting something down on "paper." When I visually see what I am struggling with on a daily basis it motivates me to change. I can't just commit to changing my appearance without changing who I am as a person.

I am always a yes person. Honestly as bad as it sounds, I don't have it in me to say no to someone. This stems from my fear of conflict. There is just this constant fear of "If I say no, then what?" Will I lose my job? Will I lose a friend? Will someone stop talking to me? Will it effect my life negatively? The list goes on and on. Why has it taken me so long to realize I have this problem you ask? It's called habits. I have gotten into the habit of just doing what's placed in front of me. 

At first it was the gratification that came from doing things for people and being appreciated for doing it. Now there is nothing wrong with doing things for others(in moderation), that's not what I am getting at. What I am saying is when it has gotten to the point when you look at everything you do in your life and say "How much of this am I doing for myself?" I couldn't tell you where I learned this bad habit or when I started doing it. What I can tell you is that it's time to let it go. If I took the time I spend doing things for others, and actually invested that time in myself. There is endless possibilities of things I can accomplish. 

There is a post by C Pratt Read this! that just made me really think about what I am doing and the outcome it has on my life. Isn't the first step admitting I have a problem? So I have gotten that out of the way. What do I do now? Well I have to learn to say NO! Well maybe not that abrasive, but you get what i'm saying. I only have one life to live, so why invest so much time on everyone else?

What are some of your bad habits you can't let go of?  


  1. The word no can work wonders for you. I learned to break that habit 2 years ago.