Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Work Work Work Work!

So today I wanted to bring some comical light to the personality types we come in contact  with everyday at work. If you haven't experienced these personalities chances are you are one of them! Enjoy! 

HAPPY HELEN-See Helen is a rare breed, she comes into work happy every day! She's humming and whistling to tunes while she gets her work done. If the office is lucky and she's in a baking mood she will even bring in baked treats. Shes the ultimate definition of team player. 

HATES THE WORLD HARRY- Harry is only at work so he can complain, complain and complain some more. He hates his job and everyone there. Don't spend more then a minute at Harry's cubicle unless you want your day to go down hill. 

BENNY THE BOSS-This is not to be confused with your actual boss. Benny is your coworker who thinks he is your boss. He thinks he could just bark out orders like he signs your check every week. 

PERFECT PATTY- She can do no wrong, nothing will ever be up to her standards. Your work is OK but it will never be Patty perfect.

PARTY ANIMAL PETE- Not only does he come in to work looking and smelling like death he always has a story about how he's still alive. He's the first person at the office holiday party at the open bar double fisting. 

BACKSTABBING BARBRA-She is having an hour long heart to heart with you then the next minute she is spilling the beans to management. Not only that, she steals your ideas and gets that raise.  

DIRTY DIANNA- Not only is her desk a mess she leaves every part of the office she uses in shambles. Coffee all over the counter in the kitchen and old moldy food in the fridge. 

GOSSIPING GLEN-He knows everything there is to know about everyone! He knows everyone's weird habits, who's getting fired, married or divorced.  

College Craig- He is working at the office over the summer as an intern. He's bright eyed and bushy tailed and has no idea what is in store for him working at your crazy office.

TMI TOM- Last but not least TMI Tom, he tells you everything under the sun with no filter. Honestly you don't even need to ask and hes already jibber jabbing about all these personal things you didn't ask to know. 

What personality type are you? What personality type annoys you?  

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